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A website, an online app should be convenient. Aesthetic, simple, memorable. It’s purpose and use obvious and intuitive
(for you and your Clients).

Website is a functional design.

Selected works


Pets grooming studio

Orbit Capital

Scale‑up investment company


Public realations agency

Dreamland Syndicate

Tapes, records and street fashion brand.


My name is Bartek Stawiarski. I have been designing, developing and producing custom-made websites since 1998. I’m an interactive and creative developer with big focus on user experience (UX) and performance. I am based in Warsaw and currently work as a freelancer.

I have worked with advertising agencies, cultural institutions, and for a software house. For 12 years, I have worked as Chief Specialist on Network and New Media Development and lead photographer at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

I enjoy creating simple, useful and fast websites in the mobile first approach with smooth movement directing attention of user.

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